Quality policy and EMS

Quality policy

The quality policy of ABEL-Computer s.r.o. is based on the belief that continuous quality improvement of all activities leading to ensure customer satisfaction is the only possible way to maintain competitiveness and ensure long-term prosperity.

No company can reach its goals without the soupport of well coordinated team – the honest, hardworking and professionally qualified people who deserve to have the best conditions for their work and continuous personal development.

ABEL-Computer Co. selects only the best suppliers of printing components, that are a guarantee of quality and basic condition for successful implementation of its products.

Because ABEL-Computer Co. works in technically very challenging field, it has to keep up with the development and the latest trends in the printing technology. Fortunately, this is part of the quality policy, which can be briefly expressed by following rules: summarized as more of the following rules:

  • Activity of our employees is borderless
  • The wealth of our company is mainly in people who work there
  • No one can resist the energy and perseverance with which we contact our customers
  • Humanity will always be our first and most important property
  • The integrity of the company is what gives the guarantee for the future
  • By protecting natural resources, we strive to preserve the environment for the future generations
  • Morality, which is slowly disappearing from this world, is rooted in our company
  • Professionalism has become an integral part not only of our logo, but also our work
  • Art of winning is not alien to us, but we do not rest on our laurels
  • Patience brings not only roses, but also the results in research and development
  • The environmental approach and reuse of resources is the purpose of the company´s existence
  • The Speed of fulfilling the requirements of our customers will never affect the quality of our products

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy ABEL-Computer s.r.o. is based on the belief that maintenance of competitiveness and to keep the long-therm prosperity can be ensured by the continuous improvement of product quality, along with environment-friendly approach to natural resources.

To ensure the environmental protection the management developed the environmental management system in accordance with the company policy on the basis of the following principles:

  • Management of the company identifies itself with the requirements of ISO 14001, it is with the principles of effective implementation and continuous improvement of management processes affecting the environment
  • Management is constantly creating the necessary organizational, personnel and financial resources for implementation, development and improvement of environmental management
  • Management is committed to raising awareness among staff and other stakeholders with environmental policy and its principles and systematically improve the effectiveness of environmental management
  • Is a permanent objective of ensuring compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the company undertook, and which relate to its environmental aspects
  • Permanent goal is continual improvement and prevention of water, soil and air pollution
  • Permanent goal is to educate and train its employees to the practical implementation of this policy
  • A permanent commitment of the whole society is, in terms of technical and economic possibilities, to minimize waste and emissions, as well as tighter control of their own material inputs and technical procedures to prevent wastage of raw materials and energy

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