We make ink cartridges

„We have the quality of cartridges fully under control, because we make them by machines of our own construction.“

We understand printing

Our big advantage is our own in-house research and development department into which we invest hundreds of thousands of crowns, which ultimately saves millions. We do not buy overpriced foreign machines with unclear functions and poor maintenance.

We develop, test prototypes and then produce powerful machines

The custom manufacture of machinery for the production of ink jet cartridges sets us apart from other companies that have bought machinery and buy ready-made cartridges from other suppliers. For them, it is difficult to argue that they have delivered quality cartridges under strict control. We fully understand the role of tape before we start to produce. Thanks to our knowledge of print technology it creates distinct advantages for you.

Superior design and high performance

Machines made by ABEL are characterized by their reliability and high production capacity. This allows us to flexibly respond to business requirements with high volume orders.

Information materials

Katalog ke stažení Based on your request we will send you free complete materials of ABEL company including price lists, detailed information about the company and contract for work.

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