Your sales representative and assistant

„We like personal contact with customers.“

We treat our customers individually

Customer care is our top priority. You will be treated personally by assigned sales representative and assistant. If you have any wish, you know exactly who to call. Thus you are protected from reaching somebody not knowing anything about your needs and habits. Personal contact with customers is our pleasure, not a nightmare.

Be demanding, ask for maximum

Many of our customers leave all responsibility on us. They want us to arrive at regular intervals automatically, unload cartridges at a predetermined place, také empty cartridges back, and leave. In many cases, those demanding such an automatic service are big companies with dozens of branch offices all around the country requiring Just-In-Time deliveries. This delivery system allows companies to keep in stock only what they really need. Such co-operation requires a high level of logistics, complete trust and reliability. We have all of this.

Choose a method of communication and leave the rest on us

Most of our customers want us to call them in advance and remind them of the arranged date of delivery of our supplies. However, there are also those who do not want us calling them personally, preferring e-communication and expecting utmost reliability. They just send us their request and care no more, because we arrange for everything necessary.

Information materials

Katalog ke stažení Based on your request we will send you free complete materials of ABEL company including price lists, detailed information about the company and contract for work.

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