The revolutionary Michelangelo nano paper

The Michelangelo photo paper that is being introduced on the market by ABEL is a completely new type of paper. Thanks to its construction and properties, it represents the best that one may expect from high-quality photo-printing paper.

Fotopapír Michelangelo

The paper contains several layers. The base is the supporting layer that ensures solidity against humidity from below but at the same time prevents ink from penetrating into the lower layer. Then several coatings are applied that serve as stabilising layers for ink droplets. Their purpose is to "enclose” each ink droplet into tiny cells. The upper layer serves as a covering coating. The Glossy paper type has a glossy upper layer – hence the name and the Satin paper’s upper layer is slightly roughed up.

For an easy understanding, the function of the paper may be compared to a honeycomb web, each cell holding one ink or group of ink droplets. The cells are represents by nano-pores that allow the ink to penetrate down but not to the sides.

Unique properties…

Michelangelo paper really offers unique properties, expected by any one who demands high photo printing quality. A good printing paper should be dry immediately after printing, which was not possible with today’s coated papers. Usually the next photo got stuck on the top of the previously printed one.

Immediately dry

The first and unbelievable property of ABEL Premium Photo Paper is the fact that it is dry immediately after printing. If you try to wipe the surface out with a white napkin right after printing, the surface of the napkin will stay white, providing that you use good quality ink.

Immediately resistant against scraping

It is understandable of course, that the surface of the printed photo is not made out of steel, but to scratch the picture out of the paper with a metal object is still impossible. You can scratch the surface to a certain degree but you cannot „dig“ a white line out of the paper, as you could with regular photo papers.

Within several minutes the printed surface is resistant even against touch. Feel free to pass your pictures around during a family gathering with tens of people. Your photos will remain as good as after printing. If someone has really sweaty hands and you will discover a fingerprint, simply “breath” on your picture and wipe it out with soft napkin, as if you would clean your glasses. This is impossible with regular coated paper!

Aggressive or very greasy cream on your fingers may cause a so-called „grease spot“ – the cream may get inside the cells and greasy finger prints may be noticeable.

Surface with bright and sharp colours

One of the unbelievable properties of this paper is the fact that the unique nano-structure will not allow the ink to spread sideways. Thanks to that, the printout is very clean and sharp.

The surface is resistant to water immediately

If you try to submerge the photograph into water, right after you have printed it out, you will not be able to wash the ink away from the surface. Only the powder from the paper surface. The unique nano-structure will not allow the water to enter cells full of ink – just like a „no vacancy“ scenario in a hotel room.

If the water is clean, some may enter inside „empty“ cells and that will darken the paper a bit. But as soon as the water evaporates the paper will have a bright and clean surface again.

If you submerge the photograph in water that contains chlorine (regular tap water), the surface will show deposits of minerals and chlorine after drying out. This can be removed easily. Simply dip a soft napkin in soda water and wipe and clean the surface out.

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