We bring more than printing costs savings

We deliver comprehensive services and save your time.

We are used to travelling and respond quickly

Every month, we drive thousands of kilometers to satisfy all our customers‘ orders. Numerous team of our sales representatives and a vast fleet of company cars allow us to respond to even extremely urgent requirements almost immediately.

Expertise and assistance services are commonplace

Sales representatives who treat you are regularly trained to get the most updated information about printing trends. Therefore, they are able to help you not only with selecting the most suitable type of printer, but also with its subsequent operation, maintenance and service. They will help you with installation of drivers and printer settings, with firmware upgrade…

There is always something extra

ABEL sales representatives are not only messengers delivering supplies. Their service is quite comprehensive. They can provide you with free services that you would have to pay for otherwise.

Information materials

Katalog ke stažení Based on your request we will send you free complete materials of ABEL company including price lists, detailed information about the company and contract for work.

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